We are always happy to welcome new members to our group whether you are interested in battle re-enactment, living history, or both. If you like what we do and want to take part, get in touch and let us know!

"I want to get involved, but I don’t know much about medieval history."

Whether you're a seasoned expert or a total newcomer, there's no prior experience necessary as our veterans will be on hand to give as much guidance as you need.

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"I can't afford to buy all the kit – can I still join in?"

Some medieval garb can come with intimidating price-tags, especially shoes and combat gear. That's why the Knights of Monymusk has a varied stock of garb and gear to loan to new members, and we keep a list of reputable vendors that can provide for re-enactors on a budget. We also offer discounted membership to students, unemployed members, OAPs, and children aged 12-16.

Like any hobby, the more you put into it the more you get out of it, but you don’t need boatloads of disposable income to be a Knight of Monymusk.

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"I'm a woman, does that mean I’m only allowed to do needlework?"

Only if you want to. While noblewomen (and noblemen) were expected to refrain from anything even remotely strenuous (that’s what serfs are for), most women of the middle ages weren’t anywhere near as confined as Hollywood would have us believe. Whatever your interests, you are welcome to pursue them regardless of gender. Female members can fight as well, though for historical accuracy everyone takes to the field in male garb.

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"Is this safe? I have so much to live for!" or
"I don't have any martial arts experience, can I still take part in the fighting?"

Absolutely. We use a stage-fighting system in order to simulate violence in a showy, crowd-pleasing, and (most importantly) safe way. We hold regular training sessions where we teach our system and practice routines.

"I've heard of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and Historical Medieval Battles (HMB) – is that what you do?"

No. HEMA and HMB are competitive sports based on techniques designed to kill people, so combat tends to be short, brutal, and have a greater risk of injury. Our combat is more performance than sport, designed to entertain our audience and to avoid injury to our members.

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"OK, I'm interested - how do I get involved?"

Get in touch and let us know!
We'll send you a membership form, and sort out garb and kit at the next event or training session.